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IMC (IR Restricted) 

After completing the PPL Course, many people carry on and start IMC or Night Ratings. At present, PPL Holder without these ratings may not fly in IMC conditions or at night, therefore the addition of these ratings to a private license adds a greater degree of flexibility to the pilot, and improves their skill base.


The Holder of a PPL must have 10 hours P.I.C. (after PPL issue) prior to application for an IMC Rating, and whilst some people build these hours before beginning the course, it is possible to combine the requirement with the IMC course.

The IMC course consists of 15 hours minimum dual training in the PA28 or the Arrow, followed by a flight test of a least 1.5 hours duration. There is also a multi-choice ground exam to be passed before an IMC Rating is issued.

Usually the student will spend about 5 hours flying the aircraft using the basic flight instruments conducting simple manoeuvres first, then building up to more complex manoeuvres and recovery from unusual attitudes on full panel (all instruments working) and limited panel (attitude/direction indicators failed).

Once the student is confident in handling the aircraft on instruments, then he/she will progress onto radio navigation and instrument approaches using the VOR, ADF ILS.

On completion of the course the student will undertake a flight test covering all parts of the course with an examiner.

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