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COVID-19 update  for flying lessons and aircraft hire

Reopening April 2021

Provided all goes to plan with the “Roadmap out of Lockdown” we will be able to reopen on Monday 12th April. Initially we will aim to get all PPL holders current and then concentrate on getting students back on track. By the beginning of May we hope to be able to offer Trial Flights in the 2 seat aircraft and by the end of May hopefully the four seat aircraft. Please note that social distancing, masks and other covid-19 measures will still apply in our Club Room, Airport and our aircraft.  

If you have purchased a intro course please contact us to allow us to schedule your training. 


Trial Flight Gift Vouchers 

We will honor any old vouchers that expired after the 15th march 2020 until September 30th 2021. This will be reviewed further if we have been unable to fly these vouchers.


Please note that if your voucher was brought through a third party you will need to contact the retailer for their policy regarding covid-19. We can not accept their vouchers if they are out date and cannot extend them ourselves.


If you would like to book a flight or a voucher please read the Covid 19 Trial flight questionnaire and then contact us.

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