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Ground School 

Online Ground School
We recognise that not everyone finds it easy learning from books and ground school needs to be both available and affordable.  Therefore, we are delighted to introduce our new Ground School Online learning platform to help you study for your ground exams at times that suit you and at an affordable price.  You will still need to read the books but the online study will back up your reading, give you realistic exam practice and allow you to ask questions.
Don't forget that we are still here to help and offer one to one ground school (subject to social distancing guidelines) if you feel you need extra help to study in general or with a particular subject.
Through this system we can offer:

·      Up to date study material
·      Realistic practice at the new online exam process
·      Online access to your studies through your PC or mobile device
·      Study at the club with your instructor, at home, on the train, or anywhere
·      An online facility to ask questions to instructors
·      Guided Progress Tests throughout
·      Realistic Practice Exams to see when you are ready to sit the actual exam
·      Automatic Course Completion and Exam Readiness Certificates
·      Access to other courses that you may want to consider after your PPL
·      Existing PPL’s a way of getting back up to speed with changes in
        legislation and best practice.

    …plus much, much more…

A GIFT from US to YOU in these difficult times!
We realise many pilots and student pilots like yourself may be in for a time of hardship, but also with more time on your hands.
That's why we've just enabled the following SPECIAL GIFTS for you:

  • FREE FULL ACCESS to our Infringement Avoidance Course 

  • FREE FULL ACCESS to our Air Law Course (for 5 days) 

  • 5% DISCOUNT on ALL other courses

  • DISCOUNTED COURSE RENEWALS for all courses previously purchased (for a limited time period)

      Licence Holders:

 Now would be a great time to take up our offer of our FREE INFRINGEMENT AVOIDANCE COURSE. You'll get a course completion certificate at the end of the course! Far better to update your knowledge in this area so you don't become an infringement statistic! We other courses available for you too!
Student Pilots:

We highly recommend you use your time wisely and keep studying for those theoretical knowledge exams so that when we can start flying again, you are in an immediate position to re-start your training!

 To access these gifts, if you're not a user of our system already, you'll need to register first (for FREE), and then subscribe to the course you require. You will then have immediate access to completely up-to-date material, that is kept up to date.
You will also have access to "Ask an instructor" for any of the courses you subscribe to.
If anyone has any further ideas of how we can help you in the current times of difficulty, please contact us. 
Whether you are a student or a PPL why not challenge yourself to completing one subject per month as a way of passing your exams or providing yourself with refresher training.

Click below for direct access to our portal and have a look around. 

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