Introductory Flying Course 

Start our introductory course and have an insight into what it’s like to train for your Private Pilot's Licence. The whole course comprises of five, one hour training slots, all of which count towards the Private Pilot's Licence. Included is a logbook, a checklist and a Free flight training manual worth £23.00. No previous flying experience is required for the course, just the passion for it.


Cessna 152  £1,187.50 / Warrior £1,337.50

What's Included - 

  • Five 1 hour training flights including pre-flight briefing.

  • FREE Flying Training Manual

  • Professional one-2-one instruction 

  • All hours count towards your licence 

  • Logbook and Aircraft Checklist 

  • Temporary Membership of Thanet Flying Club

  • Certificate awarded following completion of lesson 5 

Lesson 1 – Effects of controls in flight (Parts 1 and 2)

Lesson 2 – Flying the aircraft straight and level (Parts 1 and 2)


Lesson 3 – Climbing and descending the aircraft

Lesson 4 – Turning the aircraft and introduction to stalling

Lesson 5 – Stalling and slow flight. 

On all lessons instruction will be given on the use of the radio.






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