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Our Flying club is run separate to the flying school and all the money paid by members is put to run events such as BBQs, Dinner and Dances, club evenings and allows us to give members various discounts. 


Membership is due on the 1st January and we would appreciate it if people can pay online before coming to fly. We are going to have to increase it for the first time since moving to Lydd but we are now able to offer much nicer facilities for Club Members.  As well as the improved facilities, we are also looking at various “members’ offers” for the coming year. 

Rates are as follows:
Junior Member (18 years and under) - £25
Adult Member - £75
Family Membership (2 or more) - £100


The Membership Account is in the name of Thanet Flying Club, the original school purchased by TG Aviation back in 1982.  It was known by this name as the Flying Club was originally based at Manston on the Isle of Thanet. If you are a new member please subscribe to our mailing list and fill out the membership form below. 


Membership is used to put on events and provide offers for members.   

Account Name                  Thanet Flying Club
Bank                                  Lloyds
Account Number               00449937
Sort code                          30-96-93








Members Offers 2021 

Valid for 2021 - £5 off your new 2021 Edition Chart due out in March. 

April offer - £10 off your check out for PPL holders and £10 off for students first revision flight. (This will cover any price increase due to fuel price increases by the Airport). 

Events for Members 


Airspace Infringement Avoidance Webinar - 22nd March 2021

Infringement Avoidance links

Returning to Flying 

We have done our best to put in place procedures that will work safely and effectively for staff and customers and these can be found below. 

When you do start flying it is important to manage fatigue.  New and potentially distracting factors may increase workload, exacerbating fatigue levels.  For those that have been in lockdown and not working a sudden return to work and flying may be quite tiring.

Skill fade is another consideration, all of our instructors have managed to fly solo during lockdown so are still current but for many it is going to be well over 3 months since you last flew so we understand that you may take a little longer to complete a task, there is no rush, take your time that is what the dual check outs are for.  Students will start with a revision flight to get skills back to where you left off before lockdown and then move forward again.

If you did not fill out a new membership form last year please print it off, complete it and scan it back to or bring it with you when you come to fly.  These new Membership Forms ask you to sign confirming you have read the Flying Order Book and Coronavirus Standard Operating Procedures (Please download them from below).   You will also have to confirm that if you contract Covid-19 within 14 day of flying with TG Aviation you will inform us and that we have your permission to inform other staff and students that may be affected (without disclosing your name).



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