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Become a Pilot - Private Pilots Licence 

Private Pilot's Licence 

TG Aviation offers pay as you go training for the Private Pilots Licence. We also have an account top-up scheme that adds a percentage to amounts paid in upfront.

No flying experience is necessary before commencing the course and a trial lesson can be counted towards the 45 hours required. You can start your training at 14, go solo at 16 and the minimum age to obtain the licence is 17.

Training and Requirements 

The Private Pilot’s Licence allows you to act as pilot in command of an aircraft for private use. The syllabus is comprised of practical flight training, involving a minimum of 45 hours flying plus test, as well as ground based study.

After covering the basics of aircraft handling, average students will be ready for their first solo flight in 10 to 20 hours of flying. ‘A once in a life time experience never to be forgotten’.  They complete a take-off and circuit of the airfield and then an approach and landing back onto the runway.

A medical examination is required before the first solo flight. To find a local CAA approved examiner, visit the CAA Website.

If the weather is not suitable for the next planned exercise, the required Instrument Flying can be introduced after the first solo flight.

Students then move onto other exercises completing dual training mixed with solo practice. Lessons include advanced turning, practised forced landings and cross country flying, with a triangular solo qualifying cross-country flight landing at Shoreham Airport (near Brighton) and Southend Airport before returning to Lydd. Towards the end of the course students carry out any flying required to bring them up to the following minimum requirements ready for test: -

  • 45 hours total flying

  • 10 hours solo (including 5 hours solo cross country)

  • Instrument flying to the required standard

  • 2 hours stall/spin awareness


The last flight of the course is a skills test, which is the aircraft equivalent of a driving test.  It will cover all aspects of general handling, navigation and emergency procedures and some questions about the aircraft.


Slot times are generally two hours which allows for a pre-flight briefing, followed by flying of around an hour’s duration from brakes off to brakes on. To get the most out of each lesson ideally the student will have read up on the exercise before arriving.

The course contains a written Radio Telephony exam and a simulated flight performed on an R/T simulator, with a further 8 written examinations of the multi-choice variety consisting of:-

Aviation Law, Human Performance and limitations, Meteorology, Aircraft General Knowledge, Flight Planning & Performance, Navigation, Operational Procedures and Principles of Flight. All books and equipment are available at the Club.

The Licence 

On completion of the course, successful students will receive the Private Pilot’s Licence which will entitle them to fly for private purposes including the carriage of passengers who are allowed to share with the pilot the cost of the flight.  The licence remains valid for life as long as a medical certificate is kept up to date. The single engine rating in the license is valid for 2 years and the pilot must carry out at least 3 take/off and landings every 90 days to be current to carry passengers and complete 12 hours of flight time, 6 of which must be as pilot in command, in the 12 months preceding the renewal date. 


The PPL training is conducted on the Club’s fleet of Cessna 152, which are £220 per hour, and Piper Warriors which are £250 per hour. The 45 hours required is £9,900 in the Cessna and £11,250 in the Warrior. There are about £300 of books and equipment needed for the course. Ground exams are £45 if passed first time and are a total of £405.  The skill test fee is £225 and the R/T oral exam £175 (including some ground school).  There are approximately £1,200 of landing fees including circuit training and land aways. All these prices include VAT. The licence fee, payable to the CAA, is currently £191. The annual subscriptions to The Flying club are as follows:

Junior Member (18 years and under) - £25
Adult Member - £75
Family Membership (2 or more) - £100

Training is available 7 days a week at the following times: - 0900, 11.00, 13.00, 15.00, 17.00. If a cancellation is made we would ask that 48 hours notice be given to enable us to re-allocate the slot. Lat minute cancellations may incur a charge.  After a Trial Flight normal lessons are an hour’s duration, but please allow 30 minutes for a pre-flight briefing.


We have touring aircraft available for hire on which PPL holders can become checked-out ready for those trips abroad or further airfield in the U.K. - perhaps with the family or friends on board. Those pilots who may wish to extend their flying abilities can train for the IMC and Night Ratings. The Night Rating is useful in the winter months. If a pilot takes an aircraft away for the day and gets delayed, it can be safely brought back at night without any problems. The Instrument Rating (Restricted) allows the holder to fly in cloud and instructs in the use of the radio navigation equipment in the aircraft making it easier to navigate around the country.

If you have any questions not answered here please come along for a chat or even a Trial Lesson in one of our two seater Cessna 152s or four seater PA28 Piper Warriors. 

30 Minute Trial Flight, Cessna 152 - £125.00, Piper Warrior - £140.00

1 Hour Trial Flight, Cessna 152 - £235.00, Piper Warrior - £265.00

30 minute Trial Flight, Open Cockpit Bi-plane - £290.00

1 hour Trial Flight, Open Cockpit Bi-plane - £490.00

5 Hour Introduction to Flying Course, Cessna 152 - £1,187.50, Piper Warrior £1,337.50

To request more information on learning to fly please fill in the form below. 

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